Monday, August 30, 2010

V/A - Killed By Death D'Italia LP 1977-1983

I quote from the liner notes: "We'll investigate another country for it's release in the good old days from '77-'83. Like in all southern countries, there were not many punk bands in Italy. It seem, the hot weather isn 't any good for this kind of fast, loud and aggressive music, we all like". All what i can say is: That LP had only cool stuff on it. You know the KBD series, one of the best addition to the Bloodstains compilations (if you don't know these albums you must live under a stone, haha). Click here for another LP and now lots of fun with this antique stuff.

1.Sono Cattiva - KANDEGGINA GANG
2.La Rapina - KAOS ROCK
3.Radioattivita - SATAN '81
5.La Bomba Atomica - AEDI
6.Sabato Midnight - GLI INCESTI
8.Public Mores - ASYLUM
9.Italia, Italia - PETROLIO
10.You - S.I.B.
11.My Secret Life - S.I.B.
12.Ma Che Bella Societa - UDS
13.Get Someone To Love Me - RANCID X
14.Flashdown - JUDAS
15.Col Dito - DECIBEL
16.The Degraded Men - NO SUBMISSION
17.No Solution - HITLER SS
18.Tampax In The Cunt - TAMPAX



Anonymous said...

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FuseRed said...

been enjoying some early Italian punk recently like Crapping Dogs, Cani, Blue Vomit, the Wops, etc so looking forward to this... cheers!